Selecting your Koi at the Koi shop

Once you have planned and designed your Koi pond and built your pond yourself or else have had it professionally built, you are now ready for the most exciting part. To go to your Koi shop and select your Koi for your pond.

When starting to add Koi to your new pond, remember to start off with a few Koi at first and do not overstock your pond. The reason for this is so that the biological filter can mature. It will take 6 to 8 weeks to be mature and then you can add more Koi. You must add Koi to your pond in the beginning to help the biological filter mature. It is very tempting to see a whole lot of brightly coloured Koi and want to add a whole lot to the pond, but becareful when selecting your Koi. When looking for smaller Koi if you see a small fault, don’t buy that fish, as the Koi grows larger so will the fault. Never buy a small Koi that looks completely finished, Koi need to have time to develop there true potential over time. If you choose a Koi that looks perfect when small it may not last, as it gets older. Early finished Koi will lead to early decline of the Koi. When selecting smaller Koi look for a good body shape and make sure the Koi has all its fins and barbles.
When buying medium to larger Koi it is a bit easier as the Koi wont change in colour as drastically as small Koi do, and you have more of a chance of selecting a Koi that will remain very close to the body shape, pattern and colour you have selected. But with Koi there are never guarantees and that is what makes this hobby so fascinating and challenging.

The most important item to remember is that you have a limited space in your pond and will only be able to keep a certain number of Koi. Make sure you buy the best Koi you can afford and rather buy more expensive smaller Koi and let them grow into the pond, than large cheaper Koi, with bad body shapes and dull colours. The amount of time, effort and money you have spent building your pond, make sure the Koi you select are of a high quality to be in your pond. Koi are refered to living jewels in the water and that they are indeed. Get guidance from your Koi professionals, but always keep personal taste in mind and only choose a Koi that appeals to you.

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