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Hikari Spirulina koi food is as a daily diet for all Koi where noticeable improvement in coloration is desired.. Hikari Spirulina Koi Food is a superior color enhancing, supplemental diet for hobbyists who want their koi looking their best. Hikari Spirulina Koi Food, Spirulina - This ancient algae can help your Koi develop vivid coloration, naturally! Carotenoids can help Nishikigoi develop beautiful red color. Without adequate levels of carotenoid a koi's color and beauty can be lost forever. Spirulina algae under a microscope.Spirulina, an algae rich in carotenoids has survived more than 3 billion years, is known as one of the world's best natural color enhancers. The name Spirulina came from the word "spiral" because it looks like a compressed spring when observed under a microscope. Hikari Spirulina Koi Food is an outstanding, natural color enhancing diet offering a superior blend of pure-cultured Spirulina and added carotenoids. If you're looking for the most vibrant colors your koi can muster without affecting the white areas of their body, this should be your first choice. Spirulina algae under a microscope. Hikari Excel koi Food , Hikari Spirulina koi Food and Saki-Hikari Color Enhancing Diet all contain "just the right amount" of premium-select Spirulina allowing them to provide aggressive color enhancing capacity without any negative impact on the white areas of your koi. Hikari Spirulina Koi Food is high in stabilized vitamin C which promotes resistance to stress and immunity to infectious disease. The manufacturing technique used to produce Hikari Spirulina Koi Food has been developed from over 110 years of koi breeding, keeping and showing experience. If you're looking for championship koi, make Hikari Spirulina Koi Food part of their regular feeding regiment. Hikari Spirulina Koi Food is a floating pellet that will not cloud your pond water. Floating foods allow you to easily monitor and adjust the amount of food fed to avoid over-feeding.