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Hikari Excel koi Food has been scientifically developed to be a superior, color enhancing diet. Hikari Excel koi Food is quite literally the best! Hikari Excel koi Food is made from a fine blend of easily digestible wheat germ and pure cultured spirulina. Daily feeding of Hikari Excel koi Food after only a month will produce the ideal coloration of your koi. Hikari Excel koi Food is a Floating Pellet which allows easy monitoring of amount eaten; helps eliminate over-feeding, reduces water quality problems; and is more economical. Hikari Excel koi Food Will Not Cloud the Water. Hikari Excel koi Food Color Enhancement is high in pure, cultured spirulina, a natural color enhancer; rich in vitamin E derived from select wheat-germ which promotes rapid color enhancement which helps develop extraordinary glossy appearance and luster to the skin; and great for use prior to showing koi. Hikari Excel koi Food Contains Stabilized Vitamin C which promotes resistance to stress and promotes resistance to infectious disease also promotes a long, healthy life. Hikari Excel koi Food is a Premier Daily Diet with superior nutrition, easily digested and assimilated and promotes balanced growth and full natural potential. Hikari Excel koi FoodAnalysis: Protein - 35% Min, Fat - 4% Min, Fiber - 3% Max, Moisture - 10% Max, Ash - 10% Max