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Saki Hikari Colour Enhancing koi Food Diet, the revolutionary Pro-biotic Koi Food. Saki Hikari Colour Enhancing Koi food is a powerful food with a strong colour enhancing effect. Saki Hikari Colour Enhancing Food has exacting amounts of spirulina to promote vivid colouration. Saki Hikari Colour Enhancing Food has naturally high levels of Zeaxanthin, improves the Hiban (red areas) of the Koi. Saki Hikari Colour Enhacing Food is most effective when used as a daily diet, Intermittent use will not allow the benefical bacteria to flourish and remain active in the intestinal tract. Saki Hikari Colour Enhacing Food provides maximum results when your water temperatures are above 18C (64F). Saki Hikari Colour Enhancing Typical Analysis: Protein 43.7%, Oil 8.3%, Fibre 0.7%, Ash 12% Exacting amounts of specially selected color enhancing ingredients promote vivid coloration. Highly digestible and easily assimilated No negative impact to the Shiroij. Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occuring microorganisms. Use in water temperatures above 68°F